12 Steps to better health.

  1. Drink More water!
  2.  Practice cooking.
  3.  Experiment with whole Grains.
  4.  Increase sweet Vegetables
  5.  Eat less processed food.
  6.  Increase green vegetables.
  7.  Make a habit of nurturing your body.
  8. Experiment with protein.
  9.  Have healthy relationships.
  10.  Enjoy regular physical activity.
  11.  Find work you love.
  12.  Develop a spiritual practice.

Here I share a Quick, nutritious
and delicious recipe to try at home.

1 boiled egg
2 Cherry tomato
1/2 hass avocado
3 mushrooms.
1/3 cup of red peppers.
1 cup of Spinach or any green you have in your fridge.
green onions to taste.
3 stripes of smoked salmon.

Cut all your vegetables. Add the spinach on the bottom of your plate, continue adding all your vegetables and finish spicing it to taste.Mine has salt, pepper, rosemary, and a touch of glazed balsamic.

Enjoy Guys!!