Why Do We Crave?

Most people believe craving is a problem, but I have a different perspective. Once we realize that the body is reliable bio computer that never makes mistakes, it’s much easier to conclude that cravings are critical pieces of information that help you understand what your body needs.

I’ve been craving sugar since I was a kid, vanilla ice cream was a must. I once noticed that every day around 5pm I was craving sugar and I wanted to satisfy it. As I watched myself eat all this ice cream I wonder, what am I doing in my life that might trigger such an extreme craving?

When I started investigating the craving, I noticed that my body felt more anxious afterwards and my sugar craving just increased as the day went by, I remember struggling to keep my mind out of it. Shortly after, I started to drink more water and increased my intake of vegetables, which have a cooling and relaxing effect on the body. I also realized that after gorging on ice cream, I felt extremely satiated. Knowing that fat is what makes us feel full and that my macrobiotic diet did not contain much fat, I incorporated more coconut oil into my cooking to provide an alternative source of fatty satisfaction. Within a few weeks of making these changes, my 5 pm ice cream crave passed. Of course, I still look forward to a few bites every once in a while.

Wait! Don’t panic. I’m not saying you can’t have any sugar at all. It’s about making better decisions on what kind of food we let in into our bodies. These days, a lot of natural options are out there to help you transition from refined, processed sugars, and more research is addressing how much we all need to make the leap.

So, guys take some notes. If you’re craving sugar here are my few recommendations for you:

  1. Eat more fruit. They contain fiber, vitamins mineral and antioxidants.
  2. Increase your vegetables with every meal. They’ll keep you satisfy for longer. (PS: They’ll make you hair and nails grow.)
  3. Drink WATER!!
  4. Eat nuts. They are rich in healthy polyunsaturated fat. They are packed with fiber, protein, vitamin E and minerals.
  5. Is all about making little changes, don’t stress about it. Your body will heal.