Breaking the fast with a colorful bowl.

Hii All,

If you are new here welcome!!. Today I wanted to take the time not only to share how I break my fast when I do so. But also I want to share some tips that have worked for me since I started Intermittent Fasting 4 years ago.

The first thing you need to know is, fasting is not a diet – is a Life Style.

Fasting is considered any time in which you do not eat. In fact, you may have made it part of your day without realizing it, for example, when you skip meals between dinner and breakfast the next day, which is equivalent to an interval of about 12 to 14 hours.

But what are the benefits of intermittent fasting and why should you try it?

There are many scientifically proven reasons that allow fasting to be classified as a generator of well-being, especially if you decided to have a healthy body and win the battle against premature aging. Among others, it has proven to be a key factor in helping to lose weight and measurements. And this is because it has a highly positive impact on two very important hormones for the functioning of the body:

   – Increases growth hormone

This hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain), regulates your body’s metabolism and growth. And it is not only responsible for stimulating child growth, but also helps maintain tissues and organs throughout life. In adults, its most important action is to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and help control the body’s metabolism, a process by which cells convert food into energy. And as if that were not enough, it protects you against aging and is one of the most powerful hormones for burning fat and maintaining your muscle mass.

   – Regulates Insulin

This hormone has the primary function of reducing the concentration of glucose in the blood (glycemia), promoting its transport into the cells to provide them with energy. Well, intermittent fasting helps you keep insulin at lower levels. And as I’ll show you shortly, when insulin is high you can’t lose fat. And you want to prevent that from happening!

   3 benefits of Intermative Fasting:

You lose body fat because you feed on it. Therefore, you lose weight and measurements, if you take into account the type of food and calories eaten.

Improves insulin sensitivity and blood sugar.

– Your oxidative stress and cellular inflammation will reduce.

   Many of you must be asking, how should I know If I can o cannot do fast?

– You should not fast in the following cases: You are underweight (BMI < 18.5).

– You are pregnant or lactating, because you need more nutrients for the baby.

– You are under 18 because you need more nutrients to grow.

   How should you break your fast?

Combine in your plate, vegetables, fat, carbohidrates and protein. Just like I did in my plate – find more recipes on my IG.

Greens: Arugula salad.      

Protein: Salmon

Carbohidrates: Sweet Potato

Fats: Avocado & pumpink seeds

        PS: you can chage and add to the bowl your fav protein, carbs and greens.

If you want to know more about how you can start intermittent Fasting, no problem. I gotcha, just send me an email to schedule a session with me.